Why Sellers Choose PHR?

Videos and YouTube

In addition to traditional real estate marketing methods, I use the power of video and YouTube to sell your property.

Statistics show that buyers are more likely to look at a home or property with a video than one without. You’ll get more people looking at your property in a shorter time period.

Watch some of my recent property videos on the Patty’s Picks page.

Just viewed the YouTube video of my property. It is a real positive look at not only the property but also the community. Thanks for all your fine work. Murray Harbour should give you some kind of recognition for your promotion of the area.

I showed the video to my friend who is a videographer and she absolutely raved at your presentation. She and her husband live in a townhouse complex where there are numerous units for sale. He’s on the board for the complex and they plan to call in realtors to show them your marketing technique.

Helen M.

Murray Harbour, PEI

Selling PEI Real Estate

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