About Sandra

Introducing Sanda Ingram, a dedicated, warm-hearted individual who has navigated her way through various career paths, to find herself on a fulfilling journey in the real estate industry. Throughout the years, Sandra’s determination, patience, unyielding work ethic, along with her commitment to personal growth, has helped her to overcome even the most difficult challenges. Sandra’s professional story demonstrates that of true strength, discipline, skill, and passion.

She started her career working in a recycling newsprint mill, where she honed her skills for 2 decades. Her tenure in the mill not only instilled in her a deep appreciation for hard work, but is also where she developed her solid foundation of discipline, teamwork, and problem solving strategies. However, as fate would have it, due to unforeseen circumstances leading to her layoff, this was only propelling her towards a life altering decision for her future. Unfazed by the setback, Sandra decided to seize the opportunity as time for personal growth, and returned to school. Her desire to make a difference in the lives of others resulted in a career in nursing; Her devotion to her own self improvement, compassionate care for her patients, ensuring their well being in some of their most vulnerable moments of their lives, allowed Sandra to cultivate essential qualities such as empathy, patience, and the ability to work under pressure.

After a long career in nursing, Sandra began feeling the toll that it was taking on her, burnt out, she knew it was time for a change! A change that would reignite her passion, and lead her to a fulfilling career, driven by her desire to help others. With her astute eye for opportunities, and armed with her diverse skill set, Sandra recognized the immense potential in the real estate industry! Leveraging years of experience in problem solving, teamwork, and understanding the needs of others, she swiftly transitioned into this new dynamic world!

Sandra Ingram has an unwavering commitment to her clients, with exceptional negotiation skills, and the ability to turn houses into homes! Her remarkable journey reflects her ability to thrive in the face of adversity. Sandra can’t wait to guide YOU on your own journey, of finding the perfect place to call ‘Home’.