About Jason Caldwell



Practice makes perfect, right? Moving and living from one side of Canada to the other, Jason Caldwell brings his one of a kind, caring, and colourfully versatile personality to the Powerhouse Realty PEI Team! 

Jason enjoys travelling, meeting new people, learning new cultures and experiencing the diversity both Canada, and Prince Edward Island have to offer. He is a diligent problem solver and is dedicated to providing clients with the best, and most up-to-date information possible! After working in an extensive “people” background, including Business Management, customer service, sales, as well as leading construction projects, and engineering, Jason has an educated focus in understanding people, and building relationships. He also spent 6 years working alongside the NHL with many players and alumni! (If you ever need a good story, call Jason!)

Nearly two years on Prince Edward Island, and Jason is ecstatic to share his favourite places, and discoveries of this beautiful island! He is very excited to support, and enlighten you to help sell your property, or accompany you on your search for your dream home! Jason prioritizes the happiness of others as his number one priority, making friends everywhere he goes with his positive energy. We are thrilled to welcome Jason Caldwell to our Powerhouse Team, and growing PHR family!